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    Sacred Ground Yoga is the leading yoga community in the Akron, Ohio area. Offering classes in Yoga, Sacred Ground Yoga serves individuals searching for health, fitness, inner peace and union with the "higher self." The goal of Yoga is to heal the body, clear the mind, and purify the heart by combining breath work, meditative awareness and yoga postures into one unified practice.

    We are a vital and growing yoga community that invites students at all levels to enjoy the practice of Yoga. Our classes are open to the public and are designed for people of all skill levels. All our instructors are Certified Yoga Teachers. Wear clothing that is comfortable, bring a yoga mat and an open heart, and get ready to experience Meditation in Motion!

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    Yoga is a rigorous science. It should be no surprise that when it comes to opening our Center again, we are following the guidance of the science community. 


    Unfortunately, we cannot safely gather indoors right now. Breathing is a huge element of postures. A room of people breathing deeply and sharing a common space is not recommended. To be sure, 6 feet is not a safe distance for people who are inhaling deeply and exhaling vigorously in the same room for an hour. How sick one becomes may be due, in part, to the "viral load" one is exposed to. Doing pranayama through a cloth mask isn't great and would not be enough protection anyway.


    I understand some yoga studios are open for in-person classes. If it were me, I would not dine inside a restaurant. I would not go to a bar. I would definitely not go to a yoga studio. 


    Ohio has the same case load Florida had one month ago. Please observe the scientists. They are all saying the same thing.  


    I am confident that our students have an excellent sequence of postures under their belt. Pick your favorite five or ten postures and enjoy! I am also happy that we teach so many other aspects and practices of the Science of Yoga. Diet and Spiritual practices foremost. I hope everyone is keeping up with postures, a wholesome diet, and Yamas/Niyamas. Has there ever been a more important time to be building a strong and healthy mind and body? When we are allowed to come together again, I hope we will be ready to rededicate to studying, practicing, and enjoying the fortification and blessings of a yogic life.  


    May everyone be happy! May everyone be healthy! May no one among us be sorrowful.


    I am missing you all! And praying for everyone!


    With Love,




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