Introducing the method of Yoga practiced by the ancient yogis. It is Yoga before it got spoofed up and repackaged for a more American taste. The standard way Yoga is taught in America is far from its roots. 


What makes this Lakulish Yoga special is that it was handed down to Maheshwar and our Akron yoga family from Maheshwar's dearest friend and teacher, Swami Ashutosh Muni (aka Bapuji.) These postures Bapuji taught are the very same postures that were taught by his teacher, Swami Kripalu, the world renowned master of Kundalini Yoga. Swami Kripalu experienced these same postures due to the direct teaching of Lord Lakulish (here is a word to google if I ever saw one.) These are the same postures and techniques that are found in the original writings on Yogic science. 


Lakulish Yoga Benefits: (to name just a few)

  •  make abdominal muscles come alive

  •  remove lower back pain...gone!

  •  improve respiration

  •  heal and support healthy glandular activity

  •  stimulate organs which grow sluggish and weak

  •  remove excess fat from throughout the body

  •  muscles stretched and strengthened without exhaustion

  •  increased energy


Oh, yes, some additional side effects of Lakulish Yoga:

  • pranayama (breath regulation)

  • purification of the mind 

  • deep introversion 

  • deep concentration 

  • deep meditation 

  • open nadis (channels of healing light and energy) 

  • bring chakra energies up close and very personal




This workshop is for those considering a more vigorous practice. Even if you take this course and decide you are not yet ready to attend the advanced classes, it will benefit you and admit you into future advanced classes. We will cover some advanced postures and breathing techniques not included in our beginner's series. Each posture (asana) will be reviewed and practiced with detail to alignment along with an explanation of its benefits. Breathing techniques and their benefits will also be presented along with a brief background of our yogic heritage and mantra (chanting).

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Plant Based Akron Pod Gathering 

Sunday, Nov 17th, 4:00-6:00pm


We've officially been an active pod for a whole year! This month we'll gather on Sunday, Nov 17th, 2019, 4:00-6:00pm at The Divine Indwelling Center, 98 17th St NW, Barberton, OH 44203. 


We'll be watching a captivating documentary featuring several noted doctors and experts answering the question, "What is Health?" We'll also discuss how we got to where we are today, how we can change the cycle, and what price we will pay if we don't change our dietary habits. 


Just in time for Thanksgiving, we invite you to bring a healthy whole food plant based dish to share. It's the perfect time to experiment with a recipe before springing it on your family. But if cooking isn't your thing, no worries. There is always more than enough.


Extra plates and silverware will be available if needed, but we would like to encourage everyone to bring your own table service to help reduce our waste. Let's do our part to save the planet.


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