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 Sacred Chants:


  These sacred chants are the All-Stars, the Dream Team, of Sanskrit chants.


  The sacred chants we sing go back 13,000 years at least. These Sanskrit chants are prayers invoking Divine help, guidance, blessings. There is a huge science to the practice of chanting. Suffice it to say, these prayers confer divine energy and help to keep a person steady in their journey.

Om Na-mo Bha-ga-va-te Va-su-de-va-ya

I bow to you, Lord Krishna.

Gu-rur Brah-ma, Gur-ur Vish-nur,
Gu-rur de-vo Ma-hesh-va-rah,
Gu-ru sak-shat Pa-ra-brah-ma,
Tas-mai Shri Gu-ra-ve-na-ma-ha!

The guru is the Creator, The guru is the sustainer.
The guru is the destroyer,
The guru is the absolute supreme
I bow before you, to the guru I bow.

Om na-mah Shi-va-ya Gu-ra-ve,
Sat-chit-a-nan-da mar-to-ye,
Na-mas-tas-mai, na-mas-tas-mai,
Na-mas-tas-mai, na-mo-na-ma-ha!

I bow to thee, Lord Shiva, in the form of the Guru.

Embodiment of existence, consciousness, and bliss.

I bow to thee, I bow to thee, I bow to thee, respectfully I bow.

Om sa-ha-na-va-va-tu,
Sa-ha nau bhu-nak-tu,
Sa-ha vir-yam, ka-ra-va-va-hai,
Te-jus-vi-na, va-dhi-ta-mas-tu,

Ma vid-vi-sha-va-hai (3x's)
Om Shan-ti-hi! Shan-ti-hi! Shan-t-ihi!

God may we both be protected,
May we both be nourished and energized,
May we bring our energy & work together
May we bring a higher level of study, intellect &

May we never quarrel with each other.
Peace to the tamas, peace to the rajas, and
peace to the sattva.

Sar-ve-tra su-khi-nah san-tuSar-ve san-tu ni-ra ma-yahSar-ve bha-dra-ni pash-yan-tuMa kash-chid duh-kha map-nu-yat (3x's)

May everyone be happy.
May everyone be free of disease.
May everyone see auspiciousness.
May no one suffer any misery.

A-sa-to-ma, sad-a-ga-ma-ya!
Ta-ma-so-ma, jyo-tir-ga-ma-ya!
Mrit-yor-ma, a-mri-tam-ga-ma-ya!

Lead me from the unreal to the real!
Lead me from darkness to light!
Lead me from the time bound state to grace!

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