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The following classes are in our regular schedule. Occasionally, additional workshops or 6-week series classes are offered which will be noted via our homepage, our newsletter, and on our Facebook page.

BEGINNER YOGA           

A sequence of Hatha Yoga postures practiced with willful intention and meditative awareness.

Breathwork is also a focus. 


A more vigorous sequence of Yoga postures and breathwork, including “sun salutation” with advanced pranayama and chant. This sequence is designed to awaken prana shakti (life force energy) and bring you to inner awareness. 



Senior/Gentle yoga is especially beneficial to older adults, as well as for those who are 'out of shape', recovering from injury or surgery, suffering from arthritis or chronic pain. These gentle poses improve circulation and range of motion in joints; relieve stress and bring you in closer touch with your body. Proper breathing also helps to build energy and clear the mind.



This is a powerful practice of aligning yourself with your Higher Self! This systematic method of extreme relaxation is known to have powerful results which can heal and help in the process of self-transformation. Yoga Nidra is a scientific way to eliminate root causes of negativity and disease.  Healing benefits address: hypertension, depression, insomnia, ulcers, digestive disorders, headaches, and relieves physical/mental/emotional exhaustion. Yoga Nidra is an offering of the Divine Indwelling Spiritual Community ~ Learn more at


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